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a mission with a vision

Institute of Language & Culture

1. About the Institute:
Primeasia University (PaU) was founded on an agenda of meeting the social responsibility of facilitating higher education for all. The University has also been playing a vital role in achieving United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 4 - Quality Education - and facing the challenge of the 21st century where diverse languages and cultures appear as root obstacles to social harmony and progress. PaU Institute of Language & Culture (ILC) intends to remove these obstacles, work to implement the University’s agenda, and assist the University to leap forward with the University's Mission with a Vision. A new language is a new life. In today's world, the most important objective of education is to raise multi-cultural global citizens who respect and understand all cultures, and to help individuals to receive education & mainstream in the same classroom with students from other nationalities. So, ILC aims to equip students with the language and cultural skills required for higher education and better employment in the globalized world.


Remove the language barriers and ensure the cultural & professional development of the learners required in the multilingual and multicultural world of 21st century and beyond.


Our Mission is to actively assist in implementing the Vision of the Primeasia University as well as that of the Institute of Language and Culture (ILC) by way of equipping students & colleagues with the language and cultural proficiency which is regarded as 21st century’s skill.

The primary goal is to encourage and facilitate students to learn foreign languages at this University and to offer Bengali language courses to foreigners and English Medium students who intend to learn

The ultimate goal is to explore intercultural communication by understanding the relationship between language and cultural identity.

Languages to be Offered

Course Name Sub Section
Bangla Bangla for Local Students Bangla for Local Students
English as Second Language (ESL)

Cultural Components

Components Name Sub Section
Performing Arts Music Drama Dance Recitation
Fine Arts Painting Print making Sculpture
Special Courses to be Offered
  • Liberation War of Bangladesh
  • Research Methodology
  • Environmental Science
  • Diversity & Plurality in South Asia
  • Cultural Diplomacy
  • African History
  • African Society and Culture
Seminars / Symposiums / Workshops / Conferences

Organized regularly, at local-national-international levels

Course Duration

4 Month GED Course for PaU students (except ESL)

6 Month Certificate Courses for professionals and other students

1 Year Diploma & 2 Year Advanced Diploma

Admission and Course Cost :
Admission Eligibility:

Student with SSC or equivalent degree holders are eligible for the courses (Except for Bangla for Local Students which may be relaxed).

Semester Type Semester Name Semester Duration
Semester Fall September-February
Spring March-August

Highly equipped classroom facilities with specified listening laboratory

Teaching Staffs: UGC approved qualification criteria fulfilled faculty who are experienced and proficiency certified on respective languages and cultural segments.

Course Fee:
Course Name Cost SemesterType
English (ESL) 6,000 Semester
Chinese 6,000 Semester

(50% waiver for PaU students: 90% Attendance Mandatory)

Payment System :

All Payment should be made through any branch of Prime Bank Limited of Bangladesh

Account Name: Primeasia University

Bank Account No: 1 3 2 3 1 0 7 0 0 0 1 1 7 9

The University authority reserves the right to change the fee structure at any time.

Conditions apply

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